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  • jeff
    started a topic iriver T70

    iriver T70

    From being one of the premier MP3/Digital A/V Player manufacturers in Korea to now making Robot Vacuums, iriver never ceases to surprise. Their current...
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  • Sensory Science - Rave MP2300 Digital Music Player

    In July 2000, Digital MP3 players had only been around for a few years and were running out of storage space rapidly. Sensory Science was one of the first...
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  • jeff
    started a topic My iriver H340

    My iriver H340

    Yes, i have both of my original iriver HDD players. My iriver iHP-120 and H340. Currently i'm using the 120 a bit more as I didn't have access to the...
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  • jeff
    started a topic iriver H320 Review - Flashback

    iriver H320 Review - Flashback

    "If you're not familiar, the H320 (20gb) and H340 (40gb) are iRiver's newest high-capacity DAPs that succeed the H100 series. With the new design, they've...
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  • Resurrected from the Dead

    Resurrected from the Dead

    On June 29, 2007, the world of technology was changed forever. That is the day that the iPhone 1 was revealed by Apple. None of us at could have predicted that day, the site would suffer its demise due to one product annoucement, but it did. It was a slow painful death with me holding on to some form of misticriver all the way to 2011. It's hard to let go of your 'kid'. Anyway, that part is history, as is the original logo which has been officially retired. This is due mostly to t...
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